When You Dream of Churros y Chocolate

Cafe Tortoni: Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is my *first* post on the blog (yahooOOO), and I find myself surrounded by the Ghosts of Meals Past.  I am assuming there will be a fair share of retroactive posting, as I have eaten lot of shamefully undocumented meals.  On a rather chilly Friday evening here in Denver (hello, it’s almost summer, figure it out), I cannot shake the sensory overload that were the churros y chocolate from Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires. Dios mío…

Café Tortoni is this swanky marble from wall to wall BsAs classic; in fact, it is said to be the oldest restaurant in the whole city – a local haunt for live tango shows.  At any given time, there is a massive line out front of closed doors that only open slightly to exchange outgoing for ingoing customers to this café. Tortoni boasts French-style opulence and could most definitely be mistaken for a locale off of L’avenue des Champs-Élysées.  Of course, they have real food (whatever that means) but no, I am just there for something sweet – what a surprise.  What else does one want at 3 o’clock in the afternoon after a busy day of trekking through one of the busiest epicenters in Latin America? The answer: chocolate, and lots of it.

If freshly fried, perfectly crunchy and warm strips of dough both bathed in sugar and dipped in rich, molten chocolate weren’t enough… just add a submarino.  Essentially, this is a glorified – and delightfully indulgent – hot chocolate.  But oh no, amorcito, this ain’t no Swiss Miss powder with creepy space marshmallows.  You are given a pot of steamed milk and a huge chocolate bar in the shape of a submarine – hence the name.  The sweet, rich goodness that you could just eat on its own is put into your mug and awaits its warm bath of hot milk.  It slowly melts and becomes this creamy, oh-so-rich and borderline sinful mugful of decadence.

If this all sounds like too much sweet, it totally is, but in so many ways, it is never enough… I found myself taking the teeniest little bites to savor every last bit – slowly as possible to extend this dreamy merienda as long as possible.  THANKS for reading my first post ever – however short – but I gotta go; I have to clean the drool off of my keyboard.





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