One Day in Rome

After a few visits to Rome, I have compiled a list of my can’t miss places to eat – and what to order – coffee, dinner, and gelato, of course – if you only have one day.

Ready, set, andiamo.

img_92947am – espresso macchiato & cornetto alla mandorla (almond croissant) at Roscioli Caffe & Pasticceria.  This is a great place to start your day with the best coffee in Rome (according to many sources, not just me!).  Right down the alley from this place is the Campo di Fiori.  After your coffee, you can meander through the many tents of dried pasta, fruit, vegetables, and other products.  Pick up whatever is in season — peaches (pesche) and figs (fichi) are my favorite.

12pminvoltino al sugo trapizzino at Trapizzino — Roman street food for multitasking at its finest: sightseeing/eating.

7pmSpritz aperitivo at Freni e Frizioni – a Roman classic.  You gotta do it – it is very hip. Also offers a plentiful buffet of yummy things to eat while you drink (no need to get over-served and fall into the Tiber!)  There are plenty vegetarian options here, too, if you’re into that (the first time I was in Rome I was a vegetarian.  It’s hard to do with all of the prosciutterias around, but there are ample alternatives available, so no fear, my veg pals.)

8pmpizza baffetto or pizza vegetariana at Pizzeria Da Baffetto – just because it is amazing.  Get the veggie (with squash blossoms and mandolin-sliced zucchini and eggplant – pictured below!) or Baffetto – with an over-easy egg on top!

9pmgelato at Frigidarium – located conveniently across the street from Baffettoimg_9340.  This place is legen…wait for it…DA(i)RY (had to, sorry).  Beat the line, or wait in it. Worth every hour.  The flavor selection here is amazing and made with the freshest ingredients.  I dream about this place often.  Go back as many times as humanly possible. ALL flavors are recommended, but if I had to narrow it down: sabayone, cioccolato, stracciatella, pistacchio.  get it with the cioccolato bianco (or nero) on top.  Aka molten chocolate goodness.  YOU ARE SO WELCOME; your life will change forever.




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